Priority Pass Airport Guides

Guides published on the Priority Pass website, created to provide members with more information about the airport, boost organic traffic to the website and increase conversions.

In June 2018, 80 airport guides were published onto the Priority Pass website. In the months prior, I worked closely with a content agency, employed to create the guides. While I was initially tasked with copy editing them, to ensure the tone was on brand, it was soon discovered that many weren't up to the standard required. So, it then became my duty to redraft the guides before they went live. 


The airports chosen to feature in the guides were selected based on where Priority Pass's most popular lounges are located. We wanted the guides to be comprehensive and include all the information a traveller would need to know before and during their time at the airport. Our largest competitor (at the time) focused on what to do during the evening/nights at the airport, so there was definitely a gap in the market for this kind of information.


They feature the retailers and restaurants in each terminal, transport and in-airport transfer options, quick links to Priority Pass lounges, car parking facilities as well as a number of curated expert tips. As you might imagine, writing the guides required a lot of desk research and fact checking, to ensure all the information provided was accurate and up to date. Keyword research was also needed so that they were optimised for SEO.

The launch of the guides was considered a success. Within a few months, the total page views for the guides had reached over 3 million views, with 70%+ coming from organic traffic due to their high search engine ranking. The conversion rate for users joining after viewing these guides was also high - better than any other page on the Priority Pass website. 

I was also required to write FAQ for the guides and monitor the inbox. This email was created so that travellers could contribute to the guides if they noticed that any information was missing.

If you would like to have a read through some, you can find the