Priority Pass Airport Takeout

UX improvements of the 'Airport Takeout' online food ordering feature on the Priority Pass app. 

In late 2018/early 2019, a new pilot was launched onto the Priority Pass. This is the Airport Feature, which - through a partnership with Grab - enables Priority Pass members to order food from airport dining outlets using their mobile device. The idea is that the user orders their food on the go and, once their meal has been prepared, they can pick it up from the designated collection point.


After a period of 6 months, I was tasked with analysing the success of this pilot and determining what could be done to help increase engagement.  

I - alongside the Design team - ran a number of UX workshops with the wider Product team and other internal stakeholders. In these, we compared the current Airport Takeout feature with similar ones provided by our competitors and brain stormed potential areas of improvement. Prior to these workshops, I drafted a hypothesis of potential issues with the feature and used the feedback from stakeholders to validate it. 

Old customer journey

  • Design disrupts typical Priority Pass experience

  • Off brand colours

  • Crowded interface

  • No clear call to action or hierarchy

  • No bottom nav creating a long exit

  • Information overload

  • Poor layout of airport information

  • Checkout button
    too close to 'Back to Priority Pass'

Wireframed prototype of new user experience

Based on my proposed improvements and those suggested during the UX workshops, the following changes were implemented:

  • An introductory page, added to explain what the feature is. This was included due to a major drop off in engagement early in the journey.

  • Information about the chosen restaurant. 

  • Additional filters for price, cuisine and dietary options.

  • Preparation time at a glance.

  • A modern update to the design, which is in line with industry standards.

  • Images of food from the menu.

  • A clear view of the basket quantity.

  • A cleaner checkout process.