Priority Pass 'Priority Lane'

A project that involved creating the booking flow for the Priority Lane feature, available on the Priority Pass website. 

In 2019, the Priority Lane feature was launched as a pilot for a subset of Priority Pass members. This feature allowed members to book Security fast track at a number of UK and international airports. 

As the entire booking process takes place on the Priority Pass website (and not through a 3rd party provider), I was required to provide the copy for this user journey. It was essential that all the required information was captured in the form, otherwise the booking would not be valid and the customer would be turned away.   

Booking flow


Here is the current user journey for a Priority Lane booking. The copy I created for this flow includes:

  • An introduction to the feature

  • The field headings

  • Important information the member should know (such as the age range of children/adults, conditions and what will happen on the day of travel)

  • Tips to guide the user through the journey (so they make the right selection)

  •   Clear CTAs

I was also separately required to create the FAQ and the copy that would be used in the confirmation email.